Sanya coral reef will face the disaster

[May Point Network] When you mention Hainan, you will soon think of blue sea and blue sky and sunny beach. The water tourism project is Hainan's most attractive tourism product, but recently it has become a piece of tourism management...

[May Point Network] When you mention Hainan, you will soon think of blue sea and blue sky and sunny beach. The water tourism project is Hainan's most attractive tourism product, but it has recently become a heart disease in the tourism management department, because the various kinds of water tourism chaos is seriously damaging the marine ecology.

The coral reefs in the tourist resort of Sanya have been damaged in succession recently. The initiators are the tourists who flocked to the tourists, while the profit behind them is the local disorderly diving tourism. If this situation continues, the coral reefs in Sanya will face extinction.

"Diving guerrillas" play "peekaboo"

A few days ago, the comprehensive law enforcement team composed of the Sanya Maritime Safety Administration, the Sanya Diving Enterprise Association and the border defense conducted a surprise inspection of the illegal diving spots in the Yalong Bay. However, when the law enforcement officers arrived, there were only five on the vast beaches. Sixty people swim, take pictures, or barbecue in the shallow waters of the sea, and even a set of equipment necessary for diving is not found.

According to informed sources, the diving masters who dive near Baifu Bay in the Yalong Bay area are “single-handed households”. Many of them have worked in regular diving companies. Due to the interests, in the absence of any security guarantees, A set of equipment can "pull you into the water."

“Although these dive masters are 'single-handed households', the pull-up, propaganda, transportation, and whistle-making have formed a 'safe delivery chain' to protect their customers.” A long-term regular company The master who did the diving said, "I didn't find out that the inspector's goal was too big to be 'hidden cats'."

At the scene of Baifuwan, a tourist from Tianjin told the reporter that it was the Baifuwan diving project that the hotel waiter contacted them. Everyone can play 260 yuan a day, not only can touch the sea coral, but also eat A seaside barbecue. The reporter saw in Baifu Bay, overlooking Yalong Bay, blue sky and white clouds, blue water, beautiful, but close to the foot, but it is rubbish everywhere, big landscape.

Unfair diving makes the ecological protection of the seabed worry

“Now, the diving industry has accounted for half of Sanya’s tourism revenue. There are 1 million to 1.5 million divers per year. The bigger the cake, the more disorderly competition and management confusion, and more importantly, the fragile coral reef. The ecology has brought tremendous pressure,” said Professor Wang Xingbin, a tourism consultant at the Sanya Municipal Government. It is reported that one-fourth of the tourists coming to Sanya will choose diving tourism projects. In 2008, Sanya received nearly 1.5 million dive tourists each year (Sanya received 6.7 million tourists in 2009).

It is understood that Sanya currently has only the diving area qualifications of Wuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay, Dadonghai and West Island. In addition to 13 legal diving companies, there are still many undocumented diving companies. These illegal dive sites have no scientific norms and allow tourists to destroy corals under water, which poses a great threat to coral protection.

A person in charge of the Sanya Oceanic Bureau said that the way tourists destroy corals is mainly touch, trampling and picking. The coral is only 1-2 cm long. A molded coral takes hundreds of years. Once it is destroyed, it is difficult to Get recovered in a short time. “If you have a lot of people diving, making the water turbid or changing the water flow will also have a big impact on the growth of the coral.”

Fishermen "diving guerrillas" compiled or banned

At present, there are 80 fishing boats active in the waters of Yalong Bay. There are more than 50 fishing vessels engaged in illegal sea diving, and nearly 200 people directly or indirectly participate in black diving.

“Because they are local fishermen, it is difficult to count the number of fishing boats. Last year, the government once counted that there were 80 ships, and nearly 200 ships were unprovoked overnight.” A local border police officer said, “The final compensation. The plan had to stop."

The fishermen "diving guerrillas" also have a saying. A fisherman "diving guerrilla" who asked not to be named told reporters, "We have lived in this sea area for generations and lived on fishing. The government used our home to build a tourist area, a big hotel, and we The source of life is gone, and life is worrying." He believes that if the government bans fishermen "diving guerrillas" needs to give a statement.

A person in charge of the Sanya Maritime Bureau said that in response to the current situation, the marine management department has jointly held a special meeting on the “dive guerrillas” of Yalong Bay in the township Tiandu Town. It is currently a compilation, a ban, or a compensation transfer and compensation. How much is in the investigation. (Modern Express)

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