Hong Kong China Travel Brigade spin-off business will enter the substantive research stage

According to media reports from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Xu Muhan, executive director and general manager of CTS China, said that he will substantively study the plan for the spin-off business this year and will also make appropriate financing arrangements...

According to Hong Kong and Taiwan media reports, Xu Muhan, executive director and general manager of CTS China, said that he will substantively study the plan for the spin-off business this year, and will also make appropriate financing arrangements and will continue to purchase tourism from the parent company. Attractions business.

Xu Muhan pointed out that last year, the mainland travel agency business was sold to the parent company and was injected into the scenic spot business. It is expected that there will be new project acquisitions this year to extend the tourism industry chain, but there is no real timetable. He continued that the parent company, as an important part of the major tourism resources under the SASAC, will take over all relevant resource projects, and China Travel Service may also select and purchase higher quality assets.

Last year, China Travel's resort business loss increased to 447 million Hong Kong dollars, mainly for depreciation of fixed assets. Xu Muhan said that this year's depreciation pressure is relatively small. In line with the continuous growth of the first quarter of the holiday business, it is expected that the business loss will definitely decrease this year. Guaranteed to turn losses into profit.

It is expected that the business of the resort will reduce its loss this year.

As for the end of last year, CTS formed a joint venture with Dengfeng Shaoshan Cultural Tourism Group to develop Shaolin Scenic Spot, Zhongyue Scenic Spot and Xiangyang Scenic Spot. Xu Muhan said that the number of ticket purchases in the first two months of this year increased by 33% year-on-year.

Deputy General Manager Bo Baohua believes that the economic benefits of the Shanghai World Expo will be better than the Olympic Games. He pointed out that during the 2008 Olympic Games, Hong Kong travel agencies had a ticket commission income of more than 30 million yuan. It is expected that the overall benefits brought by the Expo will be higher.

China Travel has still had a scenic spot renovation project this year. Xu Muhan said that the basic capital expenditure for the budget this year is about 800 million yuan. However, considering the second phase of Zhuhai Haiquanwan, the total capital expenditure may reach 2 billion yuan.

At present, only 51% of the assets held by China Travel Service are non-tourism businesses. Last year's profit decreased by 3% to 57 million yuan. The market is concerned about whether China Travel Service has arranged for sale. However, Xu Muhan responded that Luohe Power Plant has Standard management and good prospects, the company will not consider selling it in the short term, it will be regarded as a strategic investment. (Netease Finance)

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