The three giants are vying to lay out the Chinese cruise market

[] Royal Caribbean's "Ocean Myth" will operate 39 voyages in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin, and several destinations will be launched for the first time, such as the North Sea of ​​Japan...

[] Royal Caribbean's "Ocean Myth" will operate 39 voyages in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin, and several destinations will be launched for the first time, such as Otaru and Hakodate in Hokkaido, Russia. Vladivostok and so on. “Although the Chinese cruise market is still in its infancy, it has become one of the core markets of the Royal Caribbean and has received unprecedented attention and input.” Liu Yinan, Managing Director of Royal Caribbean China, told the reporter.

The Costa Cruises directly aimed at the Midwestern market and intensively launched the Japan-South Korea route, the Taiwan route and the Hong Kong Sanya Vietnam route. “Inland areas have a strong desire for the ocean. Cruise companies have lowered the threshold of experience according to the Chinese market. These factors have prompted consumers to react enthusiastically.” Shao Fan, general manager of Chengdu Everbright International Travel Service, said.

The two cruise ship giants have successfully explored the Chinese market, and it is not unrelated to the eclipse of another cruise ship giant. In October last year, the Star Cruises, which occupied an important position in the cruise tourism market in the Mainland and Hong Kong, announced that it was renamed as “Genting Hong Kong Co., Ltd.”. This was due to the recent loss of the main business of Star Cruises, following the loss in 2008. The company's loss in the first half of 2009 reached 280 million yuan.

“Star Cruises has been awarded the “Best Cruise Company” award by TTG for the past year. This year, it was taken away by the Royal Caribbean, which has just entered the Chinese market for two years. It is not unrelated to its continued operating losses,” said industry insiders.

According to survey data released by Costa Cruises, the Asian market accounts for only 5% of the global cruise market. Compared with the European and American markets, the size of the Asian cruise market is negligible.

"But in the next two to three years, China's cruise tourism will have explosive growth. 2010 will be a turning point in the development of the cruise industry. The pace of international cruise companies in China is also accelerating." Vice President of the China Shipping Association Cruise Yacht Branch And Secretary-General Zheng Yihang said.

According to the statistics of the China Federation of Cruises Yachts, the number of people who took out cruises in mainland China in 2009 reached 200,000. If the number of Chinese tourists from mainland China to Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and Europe participate in cruises, the total is expected to be 350,000. ~380,000 person-times.

"Cruise tourism is a project with rapid growth and great development potential in the international tourism market. It can form a cruise economy with multi-industry development. It has become an important growth point for some port cities in the world. We will seize Shanghai to build international shipping. The center and the important opportunity to open the Shanghai and Tianjin home port routes will further increase the development of the Chinese market." Liu Yinan said. (Netease Finance)

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