A university student in Guangzhou rides a bike and goes home for 12 days and rides for 1500 kilometers.

On January 15, Sun Shaogang set out from Huanong. He said that it was not because of crowded traffic during the Spring Festival but because of "self-examination." Riding time: More than 10 o'clock in the morning on January 15 from 8 am to January 26 Start and end locations: Guangzhou South China Agricultural University to Kunming, mileage 1500 km Ride strength: 7~10 hours daily 1500 kilometers is the distance from Guangzhou to Kunming, and it is also the length of Sun Shaogang, a 24-year-old university student of South China Agricultural University, who spent 12 days measuring on wheels. At 8 o'clock on the January 15th, he set off from the gate of the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, riding 7 to 10 hours a day, passing through more than 10 cities in Guangdong, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Yunnan, and finally at 10 o'clock on January 26th. Arrived in Kunming. Yesterday morning, after a few days' stay in Kunming, he returned to his home in Renxing Town, Lufeng County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Sun Shaogang is a 2009 English major in South China Agricultural University. He will graduate this year in senior year and June and July. This is his first cycling experience. The equipment was hurriedly prepared for the first three days before departure. A total of more than 1,000 yuan was spent. The cycling suit was a volunteer clothing borrowed from the students. On the morning of January 15th, Sun Shaogang took a picture at the entrance of South China Agricultural University and wrote a riding declaration on Weibo: “Starting to find myself, dreaming of the sky, bringing your heart to spiritual practice”. He said that he had never had long-distance cycling experience, and the car and equipment were not prepared until 3 days before departure. The clothes he wore while riding were borrowed from the Asian Games Volunteers for his classmates, but spent more time on route design. On the afternoon of his departure, he rode to Xianxi Reservoir in Nanhai District. At this time, he had walked for 65 kilometers. At that time, he sighed and said, “A breakfast of bread is really unstoppable”. At 3:40 in the afternoon, Sun Shaogang entered the city of Sanshui. “The original plan was 100 kilometers a day. Now it seems that the first day can break the limit and complete the goal of 120 kilometers.” On the first night of cycling, he chose to camp in the urban area of ​​Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City. On the morning of the 16th, Sun Shaogang rode to Yunfu. On the morning of the 20th, he arrived in Nanning, Guangxi. On the evening of January 23, Sun Shaogang rode into Guizhou and went to Cangheng County, Guizhou Province, southwest of Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province. Looking at the map, he could not help but sigh, “If the caterpillar on the map is a long distance, it has to climb over the mountains. There are the last two caterpillars that way, and the ride is over." On the afternoon of the 24th, Sun Shaogang went out of Guizhou Province and entered the territory of Yunnan Province. At 10:40 pm on the 26th, Sun Shaogang wrote "I've been home, safe, complete, everyone does not read" microblogging. At this time it was 12 days before his departure, but it was 3 days earlier than planned. On this journey, he has traveled through Guangdong, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Yunfu, Guangxi Yulin, Guigang, Nanning, Baise, Guizhou Xingyi, Guizhou Qianyi Southwest Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and Yunnan, Qujing, Kunming and other four provinces and municipalities. The trip is 1500 kilometers. Road story Sleeping in the door of the house Sun Shaogang said that one of the reasons he chose to ride home is to experience various scenery and stories on the road. Talking about what he saw on the road, he told reporters that he stopped to come in contact with different people along the way. People's moods on the road were different, and some were for understanding society and others for relaxing. "I went very slowly, I didn't hurry for the road, I didn't ride for the ride." Looking back at the long distance, Sun Shaogang said that many things can not bear to look back and see, the road encountered a lot of difficulties, experienced only a profound experience. On January 20, he traveled from Binyang to Nanning, and the distance was 87 kilometers. In this section of the road, he walked through the most difficult part of the journey for 6 days and complained constantly. “There are no places to eat and rest along the way, and there are no places to eat and rest. Can sit on the road." How to rest on the road? Sun Shaogang said that it mainly focuses on camping and occasionally goes to small hotels. Three days before the road, he had been resting in front of the city square, near the gas station, or in the homes of local people. He was most worried about the car being stolen while sleeping. "If I meet some strange stranger, I usually go to the hotel at night." In addition to the hardships, Sun Shaogang also received a lot of emotion. He was most impressed by the fact that on January 16 when he rested in Luoding City, Yunfu City, an aunt took the kettle and gave him water. Another older aunt handed him a bundled woven bag and let him put the bag under the shoulder bag. "In this totally strange city, they have moved me." On the afternoon of January 22, Sun Shaogang arrived in the Youjiang District of Baise, Guangxi Province. He stopped at a local field and chatted with the farmers who were cutting sugar cane. He also helped a cane farmer to cut sugar cane for one hour. During a conversation with the aunt, the sugarcane farmer, he It is understood that sugar cane will mature only one year, and the cane farmer sells only 8 cents a kilogram to the cane owner. "After cutting sugar cane for one hour, I took a dark mountain road for more than an hour," said Sun Shaogang. At 10:00 that night, he rushed to a small county town. When he saw the county lights flashing, he suddenly realized the meaning of the journey— —"Fresh, changing, it is difficult to predict how the front." The 1,500-kilometer trek was far and away, but endless new things filled his curiosity. On January 23, Sun Shaogang took a tent and rested near State Road 324 in Xingyi City, southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. Woke up the next day, only to find the tent last night to take the junction of Yunnan and Guizhou, take more than 20 steps out of Guizhou into Yunnan. In the afternoon of the same day, he encountered a traditional wooden hanging bridge in a village. “At that time, I had to slowly walk through the cart and walk swaying. It's a good insurance.” All the way down, Sun Shaogang saved his food and spent only 500 yuan on accommodation, food, shelter and other expenses. He said that in order to save mobile power on the road, he has always adjusted the screen light to the darkest. Today’s conversation Riding home is not due to "crowded traffic during the Spring Festival" Sun Shaogang's 1,500-kilometer ride home after the New Year's holiday spread through Weibo, sparking hot debate. Some netizens think this is "a naked irony for the crowded Spring Festival." In response, he said that everyone misunderstood his original intention of riding home. Reporter: Why do you choose to ride long distances to go home for the New Year? Sun Shaogang: On Weibo, I talked about my riding home because the “crowded traffic during the Spring Festival” really made me speechless. In fact, there is no relationship with this point. I think that what kind of heart to take with you means what kind of journey you have. Riding home, this is what I want to do, and I’m graduating soon. There are many things I need to think about and get directions. With regard to love, life, work, and family, I hope that one person can have an independent space to examine himself during the journey and think about these issues. Reporter: How do you think of microblogging? Sun Shaogang: The reason why I chose to brush my microblog on the road was because I promised my roommates before I went to let them know where I was and whether I was safe. When I was riding home, it was a classmate who sent it to Weibo, which caused various arguments. Reporter: Long-distance cycling is very dangerous. Why is it alone and not with car riders? Sun Shaogang: Before my departure, many friends suggested that I find a rider, but I still insist on a person. I think that a person can only re-examine themselves clearly in a completely strange and lonely environment. I want to have an independent space to think about issues. Reporter: What are the benefits and losses of travel? Sun Shaogang: Compared with all kinds of people and things that I experienced during the journey, I feel that this journey is more rewarding in spirit. This single trip, I think a lot, but also to prepare for the next stage of life, and now need to change the state of mind and state of mind to face the future of life. There is also a pity on this trip. I should stay at a local farmer's house for one night and have a meal with them. But this time it did not come true. Text / Xiao Guilai, Zhou Haojie / Respondents provide document.getElementById("bdshell_js").src = "http://bdimg.share.baidu.com/static/js/shell_v2.js?cdnversion=" + new Date().getHours();

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