Yantai Tourism’s first “roaming” concept for visitors’ self-selected itinerary

[Maidian.com] The reporter learned from the Shandong Tourism Information Center that people are getting slower and slower on the road. "I have been here more than ten times, this time I really know Yantai!" In early October, Yantai City...

[Maidian.com] The reporter learned from the Shandong Tourism Information Center that people are getting slower and slower on the road. "I have been to Yantai for more than ten times." In early October, Yantai City welcomed a group of tourists from Taiwan. Different from the rushing “passing” Yantai in the previous Shandong route, this time, they spent 6 days in Yantai, slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying the beauty and culture of Yantai.

Going to sleep, getting off the camera, going home and taking photos to prove that I had "goed here", so the "catch-up" tour is believed to make many people feel exhausted. As a new concept proposed by Yantai City Tourism, “Slow Travel Yantai” has begun to be recognized and respected by more and more tourists.

Yantai City Tourism proposes the concept of "slow travel Yantai"

Every morning, I gathered at the door of the hotel, and then listened to the guide's proficient commentary. The tourists stumbled on the bus to the first attraction. ———I believe that anyone who has had a tourist experience will have this same experience. After arriving at the scenic spot, visitors are naturally taking photos and taking pictures, because the tour guide has already set the time for the collection to leave. Traveling like this, passengers feel very passive and exhausted.

"Since tourism is so tired, why not try to change, the idea of ​​'slow tour' will be born from this." Recently, Yin Guowen, director of the Yantai Tourism Bureau, said in an interview that the concept of "slow tour" is actually from this one. Tourists on the tour become a deep tour of slow enjoyment. In the past, the travel agency’s mode of operation has always been a day to pull tourists to play three attractions, and what we need to do now is to let tourists play through a city or a scenic spot in three days, thus avoiding the journey of tourists. Tiredness can also give visitors time to experience local customs and deepen their overall impression of Yantai.

The concept of “slow travel” in Yantai has been recognized by many big travel agents in China. Yan Quan, director of the Promotion Section of Yantai Tourism Bureau, said that as early as June 24th, Yantai Tourism Department organized a delegation to Beijing to participate in the Northern Tourism Fair, and first mentioned the concept of "slow tour", that is, tourists choose their own routes, and once again have fun. go. This concept immediately aroused the interest of the majority of travellers. In the 3 days exhibition, 7 cities and Yantai signed 168 tourist charter groups.

Shandong 8th Tour, Yantai hastily

The more tourism-developed cities, the more people are willing to slow down the depths. At the beginning of October, along with a group of Taiwanese tourists coming to the smoke, "slow travel Yantai" caused strong interest from Taiwan travellers. Xiao Zhiyang is the head of Taiwan’s “Haomai Shandong” travel agency promotion alliance and the general manager of Zhiyang Travel Agency. At the same time, he is also the head of the team. As the largest travel agency in Shandong to promote Shandong tourism, the travel agency sent tourists from Shandong for 8 years. Ranked first in Taiwan.

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