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[Mide Point Network] On November 4, 2010, eLong Travel Network, one of the leading online travel service providers in China, released the November 2010 domestic major city travel index in Beijing. ELong...

[Mide Point Network] On November 4, 2010, eLong Travel Network, one of the leading online travel service providers in China, released the November 2010 domestic major city travel index in Beijing.

According to eLong data, Hainan Tour has become the most popular tourist route with the influence of typhoon squid. The prices of hotels and air tickets in Sanya and other places have gradually picked up. At the same time, the Guangzhou Asian Games that followed the Expo also Leading a new wave of tourism boom, the price of air tickets to Guangzhou during the Asian Games and the price of hotels in Guangzhou all showed different degrees of increase.

Ski hot springs become the new favorite of tourists in November

In November, the tourist attention points of various localities changed with the weather turning cold. Hot springs, skiing, and red leaves became the most popular tourist keywords in November.

Li Dong, let the tourists still immersed in the romantic plot of the red leaves have a new hope - with snow as a medium, have a date with winter. Beginning in mid-November, the northern ski resorts will be trial-opened. At this time, skiing is not only relatively cheap, but also the venues are not crowded. According to statistics from eLong Travel Network, well-known ski resorts such as Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort, Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort and Hebei Wanlong Ski Resort have become popular destinations for eLong users.

At the same time, as the winter temperature gradually declines, hot springs have become the focus of many bathing enthusiasts, and are regarded as one of the best leisure ways to maintain health and ease work stress. Elong Travel Network recently launched a special promotion for hot spring lines. Visitors can book hot spring hotels through eLong Travel Network, and receive up to 100 yuan cash rebate per night.

November is the autumn and winter communication, the folks have the custom of autumn and winter supplements since ancient times, which directly led to the fiery heat of the health tour. The warm climate of Sanya, Kunming, Beihai and other destinations have become popular destinations for tourists from all over the world, and at the same time become a popular destination for eLong travel network users to search and pay attention to.

Expo fades to Asian Games and attracts tourism boom

The end of the Expo, but whether it is the economic benefits of 80 billion yuan created, or the scale of tourists visiting more than 70 million people, people are full of expectations for the Guangzhou Asian Games. According to statistics from the eLong travel network, as the Asian Games approached, the tourist routes in Guangzhou and other regions became hot.

At present, most of the hotel booking prices in Guangzhou have been clearly defined. During the Asian Games, the price of various star-rated hotels in Guangzhou increased by 60% compared with usual. Currently, the price of two-star and budget hotels reaches 300 yuan, and the price of three-star hotels is 400. Around the yuan, the four-star price is more than 600 yuan, and the price of the five-star hotel is the highest, currently quoted at around 1400 yuan.

During the Expo, eLong launched a “How much to send” campaign for hotels in Shanghai, and delivered hotel coupons worth up to 100 million yuan. This real benefit has been well received by many consumers. For the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games, eLong Travel Network once again launched the “How much to live” campaign, which will “save money and worry” to the end.

Consumers can log on to eLong.com () to book hotels in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and Shanwei online before December 31, 2010, and check in before December 31, 2010 (inclusive). You can receive the eLong Hotel vouchers with the equivalent amount of the room rate. The vouchers you receive will be reflected in the eLong's account within 5 working days after the checkout.

The “Elong Hotel Coupon” can be used in a wide range. In Guangzhou, for example, the number of hotels that eLong can book in Guangzhou is nearly 500, and the hotel has sufficient stock, most of which can be booked online with coupons. With a coupon voucher, you can get a high cash back, and some hotels return up to $100 per night.

Attached: Recommended for the top 10 domestic bathing resorts:

Bathing resort attention rating hot star

Jilin: Changbai Mountain Hot Springs ★★★★★

Beijing: Jiuhua Villa ★★★★★

Sichuan: Hailuogou Hot Spring ★★★★★

Tibet: Dezong Hot Springs ★★★★★

Tibet: Linzhi Pailong Hot Spring ★★★★★

Sichuan: Emeishan Ice and Snow Hot Spring ★★★★★

Anhui: Huangshan Hot Spring ★★★★★

Yunnan: Yunnan Jinping Jura Hot Springs ★★★★★

Guangzhou: Jinshan Hot Springs ★★★★★

Taiwan: Hometown of Beitou Hot Springs ★★★★★

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