Pursuing individualized appeals and special interests into a new direction for future tourism

Nowadays, the travel of style has been abandoned by more and more people. Getting rid of the traditional travel thinking mode and choosing the route of interest to embark on a journey has become a new choice for many people.

Confucius has a sigh: "The person who knows is not as good as the one who is good, and the one who is good is not as good as the one who is happy." Have you ever thought about what kind of spark will be encountered when tourism encounters interest? Recently, a network named "River of Countercurrent" Travel writers, outdoor experts and explorers, who spent 77 days alone, traversed the entire northern Tibetan no-man's land and changed from the north to the Altun no-man's land, attracting countless netizens. At 1 am on the 19th, six French Polynesian South Island descendants drove an antique canoe from Tahiti on the Pacific Ocean and experienced 16,000 nautical miles. After going through the twists and turns, huge waves and hull faults, After finally arriving in Fuzhou, it took nearly four months to complete the “root-seeking journey” of the ancestors of the South Island language family who completed the migration route completed in 5,000 years. In fact, these are not individual cases. Nowadays, getting rid of the traditional tourism thinking mode and choosing a route of interest to embark on a journey has become a new choice for many people.

Refuse to "follow the wind"

Xiao Man just made his own annual holiday plan, and prepared to go to Gansu with a few friends in early December. However, the purpose of this trip is not the northwest style that everyone blurted out, but a special study tour of the grotto art. Although Xiaoman is not a professional grotto art researcher, she is always talking about “grass” when she talks about her every trip in college. She told reporters: "When I was in school, I really liked the art of grottoes. Exquisite carvings always make me marvelous and even feel very happy."

Like Xiaoman, Yang Lan, who is particularly obsessed with small jewelry, must first check which place has a better small commodity city before going on a trip. “I used to like 'follow the wind' to squeeze those famous scenic spots to join in the fun. After a long time, I felt that I couldn’t get any strength.” Yang Lan told reporters in the interview, “I later found out that I loved those dazzling accessories. The most popular shopping market in a city is a variety of small commodity markets. Over time, I like this special way of travel, and I feel that I will never get bored."

In fact, not only them, the reporters found that among the citizens planning to travel, there are many people like them. Interested in a particular event or event, the entire journey is planned around this theme. And this activity is quite special, such as to explore some abandoned subway stations in the city, to shoot a city-specific church... This is what we call "special interest tourism", no matter how diverse the interests of these people, but at least We can find that the “walking and seeing” type of tourism has been abandoned by more and more people. On the contrary, there are more and more people who are interested in special interests, and this kind of tourism trend is becoming more and more obvious.

Personalized appeals become a new trend

It is understood that when the tourism market in Xi'an, the group travel and free travel are almost each propped up "half the sky." Most of the people who travel with the group choose the line products that are related to their interests.

Zhang Guodong, vice president of Shaanxi Aided Tourism Planning and Research Institute, said: "Whether it is from the market or tourism marketing, special tours like 'special interest tourism' are indeed a new trend, based on the survey of tourists' needs. Market segmentation is also clearly a big trend in the future.” In his view, like all consumer behaviors, when the market develops to a certain extent, people’s demand for personalization and interest will become stronger and stronger. Some special interests will also become one of the important trigger points for people to travel. "Like the international air show in Zhuhai a few days ago, many people who have special interests in aviation will go to the local exhibitions, which is also a special interest tour!" Zhang Guodong said.

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