You are the "most beautiful" in my eyes. Explore the small mountain village in the suburbs of Beijing.

Tall trees, winding creeks, leaves fall on the water, like a boat; green grass, with colorful flowers, exudes a charming fragrance; sitting in your own courtyard...

Tall trees, winding creeks, leaves fall on the water, like a boat; green grass, with colorful flowers, exudes a charming fragrance; sitting in your yard, counting the sky The stars; holding the lover to enjoy the cool... This scene may only appear in the beautiful small mountain village. Whether you have heard it or not, you don’t have to experience it yourself. Then pack your bags and follow the lottery to find the beautiful mountain village you are longing for!

Private village


The private village is located in the town of Changziying, southeast of Daxing, Beijing. The village has a land area of ​​2,192 mu, with 260 households and a population of nearly 900. It is the earliest pilot project to implement ecological agriculture construction and research in China. It is known as the “first village of ecological agriculture in China” and has already been well-known at home and abroad. On October 12, 2004, the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan gave a high evaluation after his visit: "You are exploring new models that balance economic growth and the environment, not only for China, but also for everyone, we must Better to live in harmony with nature and learn to be sustainable."

“The village is in the forest, the house is in the flower”, vividly reflecting the ecological environment of the private village. Two-thirds of the villagers lived in the farmhouse villa, and the flowers and fruits in the courtyard were fragrant and refreshing. Today, 260 households in the village use biogas for their daily routine. The villagers have already used clean energy and lived a low-carbon life.


In the village, the households have access to asphalt roads, and the pipelines have entered the land, the seasons are evergreen, and the environment is clean and tidy. The green coverage rate in the village has reached more than 35%. The 26 households of folklore tourist reception halls form one household and one special feature, and the courtyard incorporates more folk elements. The walls on both sides of the main road are beautified into different styles, forming a scene, with local folk paintings, folk paper-cut manual drawings, cartoon pictures. Historical and cultural display, etc., so that guests have a pleasing feeling. The beautiful environment has spawned eco-tourism in private villages. Eco-tourism has become a new economic growth point for private villages. Over the years, due to the continuous improvement of popularity, domestic and foreign friends have come to stay in the private sector and experience the local customs of the first village of ecological agriculture in China. Last year, they received more than 300 foreign guests, covering nearly 100 countries. At present, the tourism industry chain has formed a tourism, sightseeing, reception, catering and accommodation.

Private villagers have a rich and varied life. Since the 1990s, the Private Farmers Games held has been successfully held for thirteen sessions. The villagers, men, women and children, went into battle and participated in the competitions and fun games of the six major items of the six major items. The well-known “Thousand People Dumpling Banquet” has a history of nearly 30 years. All the villagers of the New Year’s Eve gathered in the conference hall to eat dumplings together to celebrate the Spring Festival and become a symbol of the cultural brand and joy and peace of the private village. The warm atmosphere of a harmonious family. The peasant choir of the private village, on behalf of the eldest son of the town, participated in the "Beautiful Daxing My Home - Daxing District Fourth Chorus Festival" and won the third place.

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