There are many complaints about scenic service? It is the key to improve the software construction of scenic spots.

Another year in the spring, traveling has become the first choice for many people. Although tourism has become a habit of people, the complaints that follow are also very high. Shanghai's...

Another year in the spring, traveling has become the first choice for many people.

Although tourism has become a habit of people, the complaints that follow are also very high.

Ms. He from Shanghai is an example. She told reporters that it was very disappointing to travel to a scenic spot during the Spring Festival. “A lot of tourists can reduce the quality of service and add to the bad words of tourists? Travel is to relax, not to be mad!”

With the rapid development of tourism industry in these years, the proportion of tourism consumption in people's daily life consumption is increasing, and the level of tourism service has not kept up. The example of Ms. He is naturally not a minority. There are more and more complaints about tourism consumption in the country every year, and the quality of tourism services is the focus of complaints from tourists.

In fact, many scenic spots only focus on hardware investment and immediate economic income, resulting in poor service quality and service image, which has a great negative impact on the long-term development of the scenic spot.

In fact, many times tourists are dissatisfied with the scenic spots. In addition to hardware, they are often personal problems of the staff, such as lack of communication skills, speech or rude behavior, so that visitors feel unrespected, deceived, unscrupulous in scenic spots, etc. .

The old Zhou of Beijing was in dispute because of the attitude of the staff of the scenic spot. As a result, things got worse and worse, and finally complained to the Consumers Association. Lao Zhou said that it is important to go out to travel. The service quality of the scenic spot is too bad, too disrespectful of people, and spending money to add, of course, to discuss. His colleague had to go and see the old Zhou’s experience, which dispelled this thought.

Ms. Yan, who is conducting service standardization training in a 4A scenic spot in Henan, is a well-known etiquette trainer in China. She has a deeper understanding of the quality of service in the scenic spot. She said that tourism has developed rapidly in recent years. Many scenic spots only value short-term economic income and neglect the supervision and management of service quality. He said that as a service unit such as a scenic spot, service is the best marketing method. In the scenic spots that she trained in the past few years, some scenic spots have encountered too many service quality problems, and even affected the tourism income, only to grasp the quality of service management. The quality of the first-line posts in the scenic spot is uneven. If you do not pay attention to service quality and do not strengthen management, it is inevitable that problems will arise.


靳斓Currently standardization training for scenic spots

Scenic service etiquette training and standardization management have undoubtedly played an important role in service quality management. I think that it is not very useful to simply train one or two scenic spots and services. It is important to implement this service specification and service etiquette as an execution force, and will not pass away because of time. “The service image is the best business card in the scenic spot. The quality of the service image of the scenic spot directly affects the image reputation and long-term development of the scenic spot”, and once again emphasizes.

The safety management, emergency plans, charging standards and facilities construction of the scenic spots are relatively easy to achieve. The quality of service software is not easy to do. This is a long-term, difficult process, but it is now the most valued by tourists.

For this, Zhou Yang, who works at a travel agency, expressed his approval. She told reporters that many of the tourists she received were valued by the quality of the service in the scenic spot, almost as important as the attraction. Therefore, she believes that the improvement of service quality in scenic spots is the key to enhancing the competitiveness of scenic spots. Scenic marketing should aggravate service marketing.

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