Tourist supermarkets choose to travel as if they were shopping in the supermarket.

The Hefei International Tourism Plaza, located next to the Dongdongmen Traffic Hotel in Hefei, has officially opened. In the future, when citizens go there, they will be able to purchase tourist routes just like shopping in the supermarket.


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Popular routes have been stationed

The International Tourism Plaza is home to the most popular tourist routes and scenic spots on the Hefei market, and there are various routes and professionals from major scenic spots throughout the year, providing direct consultation services for the on-site citizens. According to reports, in the future, the international tourist plaza will gradually add some high-quality outbound tourism routes for tourists to choose. The relevant person in charge of the operation of the International Tourism Plaza introduced that the resident units must have complete qualification certificates and have high reception quality and tourist reception capacity.

"Supermarket" quote or lower

The International Tourism Plaza serves the public directly from various routes inside and outside the province and professionals from major scenic spots, reducing the intermediate links and reducing the quotation of tourist routes.

In the past, many travel agencies had limited sales space, attractions, hotels, etc., and they stayed in black and white. The Hefei International Tourism Plaza, through the combination of photos and video displays, was more vivid and intuitive to show in front of tourists, creating a full experience. Transparent travel service model.

It is reported that in the future, Hefei International Tourism Plaza will also set up hotels, air tickets, and vehicle booking service counters to provide visitors with a full range of information services. (Hefei Daily)

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