Australia's top ten scenic spots are not to be missed

If you want to travel, simple and ordinary water sports, unremarkable excursions and the usual urban walks can not meet the requirements, then Australia is your best choice! In...

If you want to travel, simple and ordinary water sports, unremarkable excursions and the usual urban walks are no longer enough, then Australia is your best choice! Here you can play with exotic animals. Witness the snowy mountains, the lush rainforest, and even the spectacular desert. This southern hemisphere country can satisfy everyone's wishes. Whether you are a fan, an athlete or an activist, no matter what you do, no matter what you love, you can feel the warmth of home.


Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the must-see attractions for visitors to Australia. There are so many kinds of living creatures around this reef that only those who have seen it will believe it. There are a variety of exotic animals here, including the Indian dolphins, dwarf whales, flatback turtles, olive tortoises and saltwater crocodiles. The reef is also home to a wide variety of birds. Located on the shores of the Coral Sea Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world and one of the Australian sites. Many places on the coast provide sea cruises for visitors to enjoy the scenery, and divers can feel the infinite charm of the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to get close to the reef and watch the scenery from a close distance, visitors can experience snorkeling or diving.


Sydney Harbour

2. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a natural port, and the breathtaking Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are two of the most fascinating colors on this natural backdrop. At the Sydney Opera House, you can not only enjoy the performance of the local orchestra, but also a wonderful view of foreign dramas. The roof of the building is shell-shaped and full of modernity. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, known as the “clothing stand”, is another image of Australia showing the world. Every year on New Year's Eve, the fireworks on the bridge are splendid and colorful. Adventurous visitors can also climb the bridge and have fun. Of course, the safety measures on the bridge are absolutely trustworthy.



3. "Natural Kingdom" Tasmania

The natural beauty of Tasmania has never been polluted, and the fresh air is refreshing. The Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, the Tasmania Highway Rally and the island's music events have attracted a large number of visitors to the island. The “Waterfall Festival” has been more popular among tourists over the years. The “Candle Songs” event during the Christmas season is famous, and thousands of tourists are enjoying the food festival. Wine brands such as “Cascade” and “Boggs” are not only popular in Australia but also loved by consumers around the world. Cheese and various dairy products are also one of the highlights that attract tourists. The charm of Cradle Mountain can only be fully felt when you are inside. Cradle Mountain is located in the St. Clair Lake National Park and is composed of coarse-grained basalt. Most of the vegetation on the mountain is alpine. On Cradle Mountain, you can take the “road path” and walk through the mountains for six days. A walk in the forest will make you feel extraordinary, and the beauty around the Pigeon Lake is not to be missed. If you choose to travel at night, you will even encounter animals such as wallabies and possums.


Purnululu National Park


Kimberly in Western Australia will make you feel mixed. Cruise here, waterfalls, red cliffs, rivers, rainforests and more, all of which will make you linger, and the spectacular sights of King George Falls and Mitchell Falls are breathtaking. There are also many art centers in the area, not only the works of many foreign artists, but also the works of some local artists. All works are recognized internationally. Kimberly is also known worldwide for its diamonds. Bingo Bingos, also known as the Purnululu National Park, is also one of the famous attractions, but the park is not open to the public for several months every year. You can start your Kimberley River cruise from Broome, Darwin or Derby. If you plan to drive to Kimberley in a month with more precipitation, be sure to check that the road is clear.



5. Snow Mountain

Mount Corsico is one of the many snow-capped mountains in Australia. Motivated visitors can choose to explore on foot or by ski. Visitors can choose guides and routes according to different ages and choose whether to hike according to their own health. Mount Corsico is the highest mountain in Australia, and you can see the alpine flowers in the right time. Another coral reef on the west coast of Australia, the Nigalu Reef, is a white sand lagoon. You can approach the Niagara Reef and swim with a variety of fish and underwater creatures. The reef view can also be seen in the semi-submersible cruise. In addition, visitors must take time to visit Niagara Marine Park. The Ormiston Gorge in Gran Helen Canyon and the Pound National Park in the northern part of Australia are located along the legendary Fink River. Walking in the park can be completed in 30 minutes and can last up to 3 days. Elegant and stylish houses with a variety of attractions, the park is just like Alice Springs, making visitors feel at home.

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