May 1st small holiday mid-range hotel to take the guest star to push the price discount doubled

With the approach of the “five-one” small holiday, the tide of travel of the citizens, the booking of hotels in various tourist cities warmed up, the reporter learned that various hotel brands have launched special promotions to attract customers to the country...

With the approach of the “five-one” small holiday, the citizens traveled and the hotel bookings warmed up. The reporters learned that various hotel brands have launched special promotions to attract customers to the largest mid-range chain hotel group in China. For example, in the hotel group, the price discount is doubled, and consumers can stay in mid-range hotels at preferential prices.

It is reported that from now until June 30, Starway members can enjoy the discount of double the price discount through the Starway website booking, that is, the original 10 yuan discount is upgraded to 20 yuan, 15 yuan upgraded to 30 yuan. Shaobing, CEO of Starway Hotel Group, said that the registration of Starway members is completely free. The registration will be a certain amount of experience credits, and the price will be reduced. This event will double the price discount, so both new and old members are Can enjoy double discounts, this event covers Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Hefei, Tianjin, Jilin and other cities.

According to the surveyed members, the hotel activities in the market often avoid the "small holiday", "Golden Week" and other travel seasons, so that the benefits that consumers actually receive are greatly reduced, and the discount of Starway can also be doubled on Labor Day. The Dragon Boat Festival is used for two small holidays, and in May and June it coincides with Mother's Day and Father's Day. Therefore, the offer is very practical.

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