Mimi shot ads, full of tricks!

Inspirational chicken soup can never be wrong in this era. The pros and cons of political correctness is a label that Jimmy gave himself. A bowl of poisonous chicken soup is the label that Mirk thinks of Jimmy. Do not please the world, just curry yourself. What a familiar appeal is self-centeredness and egoism. With the rise of feminist appeal in these two years, this move is steadily rushing to the heart of the target audience. Most of Jimmy's 8 million fans agree with this view, because there is nothing wrong with this view. Therefore, although many people continue to challenge Mimeng, Mimi still stands, because a bowl of toxic chicken soup is also chicken soup, and many people like to drink. The film itself is not worth discussing. It can be said that there are more than 60 percent of commercials. Less than 50 percent of affair tablets. The picture itself is not lost, so it takes a pass. However, in the storytelling, Mim and still a little tender, deliberately hypocritical, basically today's advertising circle film and television film in the film to make mistakes, she was stained. List some conflicts that people are tired of watching, the cries of housewives, the contradictions of late marriage among young women, and the helplessness of stereotyped workplace life. Is it new? Is it new? Is it new? Then ask a sentence that this is a slogan that can be solved? Oh, silly and naive, but you can still continue to ping, because fans are so stupid. However, be careful about the advertising circle. You like to play the routine. Now everyone will play. If there is no new trick, tomorrow the customer will directly look for microphones to shoot ads, and the advertiser’s job is getting more and more secure. Mimone, please continue to please fans. If you please the world, you will become stronger.

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