Looking for the edge in the green azaleas on Jinggang Mountain - Zhenai Net May 1 large outdoor blind date will open romantically

May Day holiday is approaching, single, how are you still entangled in the holiday? Cherish the net large outdoor blind date, invite you to find the 51st! The highest success rate website in China - Zhenai Net United Well...

May Day holiday is approaching, single you are still entangled in the holiday how to spend? Jane love network large outdoor blind date, invite you to find the May 1! The highest success rate of the domestic website - Zhenai Net United Jinggangshan Administration, 51766 The "Azaleas for the Media and Jinggangshan Testimony - Large Outdoor Dating Club" jointly sponsored by the Tourism Network will be held on May 1st in Jinggangshan, Jiangxi. In order to solve the transportation difficulties of the May 1 holiday, the organizers have specially arranged free shuttle bus transfers in the cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanchang, so that you can start with a single backpack. In the splendid azalea sea, you belong to your own romantic love, you are not beautiful!

Azalea, flower language is the joy of love, the rhetoric of azaleas is when you see the full bloom of the azaleas, that is, when the god of love comes. From April to May, Jinggangshan is the most popular time for azaleas. The azaleas with such meanings are the media for single men and women, and the blind date that will be opened on May 1 is even more exciting.

As one of the highlights of the 2nd China Jinggangshan International Rhododendron Festival, this large-scale blind date will become the focus of attention and expectation. It is understood that the event site will set up 8 interactive zones, such as big stage, special communication, love interaction, deep communication, and parental care, so that single friends with the same ideas and interests come together. At the same time, the event site also set up a highlight of the cherished matchmaker 1+1 match line, recruiting the pro-list to present the latest single-finding information, to help single friends find the other half of their favorite time.

The blind date will invite single young people over the age of 22 and enthusiastic support of relatives and friends to participate. Since the recruitment began, a large number of single friends have been attracted to consult and register. "It is said that the journey is the easiest place to be romantic. Going to Jinggangshan to enjoy the flowers and the blind date, this five-one value!" said Xiao A, who signed up for the event.

One of the organizers of the event, Zhenai.com, as the largest professional dating website in China, has operated many large-scale indoor and outdoor blind activities. With the help of previous professional blind date, this carefully planned large outdoor blind date will continue to provide professionalism. Intimate blind date service. The relevant person in charge of the Zhenai Net Marketing Department said that it is hoped that through this blind date with the theme of enjoying flowers and attending the spring, more single friends can find their fate in this trip to Jinggangshan.

This May Day, let us together, in the revolutionary birthplace Jinggangshan, "inspire" a red romance, carry the love to the end!

Registration number: 020- 83266061, 83266231, 83266016

Free round-trip transfer is only 100 places, subject to telephone reservation confirmation! To report as soon as possible! (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanchang only)

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