Dragon Boat Festival will be a short tour of the group to plan your small holiday

After the Qingming May 1st, after the May 1st Dragon Boat Festival, the small holiday that followed the enthusiasm made the city's busiest family excited. For those who love to travel, the three days are short, but the arrangements are right but they can fully experience the holidays...

After the Qingming May 1st, after the Mayday Dragon Boat Festival, the small holiday that followed was the most busy city in the city. For those who love to travel, the three days are short, but they can fully experience the fun of the holiday. Foreseeing the upcoming three-day long holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, people will hang wormwood, eat scorpions, and row dragon boats, and will also carry the tourism boom.

The reporter learned from Qunar.com, the world's largest Chinese online travel website, that the number of air tickets and hotel searches has soared recently. Similar to the May 1st holiday, the short-distance route of about 3 days will be the favorite object during the Dragon Boat Festival. With the improvement of the high-speed rail and expressway network, people's travel radius will be further expanded, inter-city tour, inter-provincial tour. The tour provides travel options for more people. In order to meet the needs of consumers for short-distance travel, Qunar.com has recently launched a variety of short-distance travel products to make this Dragon Boat Festival more colorful.

The Shanghainese who have been busy all the time will naturally not miss the rare holiday. You can choose the only live water hot spring package in the suburbs of Suzhou and Shanghai. In the place where you can buy a channel, you only need 758 yuan, you can enjoy the original price of 2,508 yuan Kunshan Oriental Yunding Hot Spring Resort Hotel double package. This package includes a 1-night stay at the 5-star Lakeside Resort Center Deluxe Lake View, featuring a spa, and includes a double breakfast. You can also choose to have 2 buffet dinners for barbecue or health, as well as hot spring tickets, hotel movie tickets, 2 chess and card vouchers, and double bicycle vouchers. Shanghai people who are budget-conscious, absolutely worthy.

Chengdu people who advocate slow life can choose to buy a 9-day, 2 night free trip to Jiuzhaigou with a group purchase price of only 890 yuan/person. Although Jiuzhaigou is very familiar with the Chengdu people who love to play, this travel package worth 2,347 yuan contains more content. The 2 nights accommodation and breakfast in the standard standard room of Intercontinental Hotel in Jiuzhai Paradise and the hot springs in Jiuzhai Paradise Indoor Hot Spring Club 1 The people are very yearning. Intercontinental Hotel Jiuzhai Paradise has been rated as “China's Top 10 Most Popular Resort Hotels” for two consecutive years. The buildings are backed by snow-capped mountains, hidden in the virgin forests, surrounded by mountains, covered with green trees and flowing with water. The environment, equipped with world-class, avant-garde architectural forms, allows guests to enjoy the high-end hardware conditions, through the transparent all-glass roof building known as the "disappearing building", dissolve between the blue sky and white clouds forest trees. Heaven is not far away, not far away, it is around.

In addition to Shanghai and Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hunan and other places also have a variety of products for consumers to choose, this Dragon Boat Festival, tourism will become a new landscape.

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