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In the hot summer, the tail of the spring is quietly coming. I believe many people are looking for a summer resort. They plan to escape from the bustling city during the six-day lunch and enjoy the family and friends...

In the hot summer, the tail of the spring is quietly coming. I believe that many people are looking for summer resorts. They plan to escape from the bustling city during the six-day lunch and enjoy the summer and fun with family and friends. China is a magical land. Due to terrain and climate, summer resorts are scattered all over the country, and choices will always confuse many people. Here, from the perspective of summer vacation and play, I would like to choose a few summer cities and play projects suitable for the whole family to travel, so that everyone can organize the whole family holiday.

Dalian, Liaoning

Dalian is located in the north of China, with suitable temperature and pleasant sea breeze. It has a unique geographical advantage of summer vacation, and it is also a desirable place for summer fun. The developed city construction and comfortable climatic conditions make Dalian a good choice for the whole family. Of course, Dalian also has many attractions suitable for the whole family, such as Tiger Beach Ocean Park, blue sky and blue sea, green hills and mountains, and beautiful scenery, which constitutes a beautiful seaside. Scenery; there is also the "Liaonan Guilin" reputation of the ice gully, the mountains and rivers reflect, beautiful; and the most suitable for children and the family to play in the Kingdom of Dalian, every day staged a variety of attractive fairy tales, rides are more fun . You can prepare in advance according to your own time schedule and play more attractions.


Avatar Theme Park held by Dalian Discovery Kingdom

Hebei Chengde

Chengde is a temperate continental monsoon mountain climate with four distinct seasons. Although the winter is cold, it is surrounded by mountains and blocks the cold current from the Mongolian plateau. Therefore, the temperature is higher than other areas in the same latitude; the summer is cool, the rainfall is concentrated, and there is basically no hot period. This is also why the emperors of the dynasties used Chengde as a summer resort and built a summer resort. Of course, Chengde has to go to Chengde Mountain Resort to watch the rare Jinsi Nanmu Temple in the world. The emperor's palace is the smoke-free, the Emperor's royal study--Sizhishuwu, etc., when you play, you can feel the history. The charm. In addition to Chengde Mountain Resort, there are also famous scenic spots such as Puning Temple, Pufo Temple and Bangzi Mountain. Throughout the family, children can be exposed to many historical figures, historical stories, and long-term knowledge.


Chengde Mountain Resort

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