Reception etiquette

The reception of visitors is a regular job for many employees. The etiquette performance in the reception and visit not only relates to their own image, but also relates to the corporate image. Therefore, the ceremonies received for visits have always been valued. Here are some of the etiquette knowledge in this area:

1. For visitors, they should rise to shake hands and meet the superiors, the elders and the clients. For colleagues and employees who are not the first to meet, they can't get up.

2. Can not let visitors sit on the bench. If you cannot receive visitors temporarily, please arrange for an assistant or related personnel to receive guests. Can not neglect the visitors.

3. Listen carefully to the visitor’s description. The visitors are all coming for something. Therefore, the visitors should try their best to finish the conversation and listen carefully.

4. Visitors' views and opinions must be taken lightly and should be considered afterwards. For those who cannot answer for a moment, they must agree on a time before contacting.

5. Answer any questions that can be answered immediately or that can be dealt with immediately, reply promptly, lose quickly, and do not let visitors wait or visit again.

6. When a visitor is being received, there are calls or new visitors. They should try to have an assistant or other person to receive it in order to avoid interrupting the ongoing reception.

7. Unreasonable demands or wrong opinions on visitors should be politely rejected without stimulating the visitors and making them paralyzed.

8. To end the reception, you can make an excuse for rumors, or you can use a body language to get up and tell each other that this reception is over.

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