Gaochun real estate development ushered in new opportunities

On May 28, Dongjiang Icheon Bridge officially started construction. This news quickly became a selling point for Takayuki I's sales project. The construction of the Icheon Bridge has always been a long-cherished wish. It is reported that after the bridge is completed and open to traffic, the sorghum across the river can directly pass through the Icheon Bridge to Guancheng and Dongcheng, and the city center can be reached within 10 minutes. The convenience of transportation will change the development status of a region, and the construction of the Icheon Bridge has also been considered as an opportunity for the development of Takahata's real estate.

The two-way flow of high-quality home buyers is less than a straight line distance of less than 3 kilometers from the city. However, due to the natural barrier of the Dongjiang River, it is necessary to detour Gaochun Bridge or Dawangzhou Bridge from Gaochun to the urban area, and the straight line is less than 3 kilometers away. It takes more than half an hour to arrive. Inconvenient exchanges have also made the Icheon Bridge a municipal project to which Takasu people are very much concerned.

“After the Icheon Bridge was completed and opened to traffic, Takahata and the city’s three bridges were connected and the roads were connected.” Yu Yeh-jeong, project manager of Everbright Real Estate, told reporters that urban development in urban areas is expanding from west to north To sparsely display the population of the old Guancheng. In terms of geographical location, Wanjiang is to the west, Gaochun and Shiji to the north. The Icheon Bridge has greatly shortened the distance between Gaochun and Guancheng. It can be said that the construction of the Lichuan Bridge will greatly promote the living conditions and industrial development of Gaochun. Gaojing, Daoxie and Shiji may form satellite cities in the main city of Dongguan. People living in urban areas will flow out of these areas. On the other hand, the convenience of transportation will also allow the leisurely consumption of Gaochun to flow to urban areas. There is a two-way flow in business and housing.

According to Car De Rui, director of the Central Plains Strategy Research Center in Dongguan, in the short term, the construction of the Icheon Bridge will favor more urban areas. The urban supporting resources, mainly urban areas including education, living environment, transportation, and commercial commerce, are obviously better than Gaochun. However, in the long run, after the completion of the opening of the Icheon Bridge, Takahata will usher in a new opportunity for development. It will, like Happo, slowly integrate into the Greater City area in the future. It can be said that once the Icheon Bridge opens to traffic, it will start the integration of Takahata into the metropolitan area, and in this round of development, Takahata will attract residents from urban areas to high standards because of its advantages in living environment, transportation, and cost-effectiveness. flow.

Mining opportunities should be operating in the broader market. From the developer's point of view, Gaochun's real estate industry has promising opportunities.

“Gaoxi has more land for development, and most of them have riverscape resources. Currently, there are also many real estate projects along the river in the region, and there is a lot of standby power.” Lin Youze believes that the increase in regional value will promote regional real estate projects. The value is increased. At present, the price of high-grade houses is about 4000-5000 yuan/m2. If the Lichuan Bridge opens to traffic, the Rendu Second Pulse that connects with the city will make the development of Gaochun's real estate slowly approach Wanjiang and Guancheng. , Forming the second tier of Dongguan real estate development.

Car De Rui believes that the construction of the Icheon Bridge, especially after its opening, will play a significant role in promoting the integration of Takahata into the metropolitan area. However, if Kaohsiung Real Estate wants to attract the purchasing power of the urban areas to go to buy a home, it must adopt a broader market mode of operation. . “There are several characteristics of the real estate currently being operated by Gaochun. One is the development of the brand and the other is the operation of the broader market.” If it is a small-scale operation, it does not scale and the regional attractiveness is not clearly reflected. The operation of the broader market will form a scale, and it will obviously promote the overall upgrade of the market. This will, to a certain extent, evade the relative backwardness of Takahata's current real estate development. Brand developers have a certain appeal to home buyers. In the course of operation, more and more residents are living in, supporting facilities, transportation, etc. are becoming more and more perfect, and the attraction of urban home buyers will become stronger and stronger. Car De Rui also said that when the city's real estate prices are getting higher and higher, smaller and smaller scale, the suburban market will be close to the city because of convenient transportation, while the high cost performance, low-density planning and other advantages, attracting more and more urban home buyers Flowed to the suburbs market. The operation of the suburban market is also the development direction of Gaochun Real Estate.

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