8 sentences to persuade foreigners to pay postage

In the major foreign trade forums, I often see many posts about customers not paying sample postage. It is indeed a headache. The following is a little bit of my experience and I hope to help everyone. At the same time also hope that more foreign trade colleagues to share their own experience!

Before sending samples to customers, we should do a survey on the customers to understand the credit status of the customers. Are you sincere, whether you really are interested in your products and whether you have a demand for your products!
Here are the sentences that I use to convince customers to pay for postage samples:

1)It is our company rule.We will appreciate if you pay postage for the samples.
This is our company's regulations. If you can pay the sample postage, we will be greatly appreciated!

2)We believe this will do favor to develop the business between us.We are in this way with most of our customers.We sincerely hope it will be also workable to you.
We believe this will promote the business of both parties. This is what we and most customers do. Our sincere expectation is also feasible for you.

3)Besides,it is also a way to show your sincerity of doing business with us.
In addition, this is also a reflection of the sincerity of your cooperation with us.

4)We promise we will definitely return the postage to you when we first cooperation.
We promise that when we first cooperate, we will certainly return the postage to you!

5)So,you may just choose some interesting items(products) and tell us your company's courier account and No.
Therefore, you only need to tell us which items (products) you are interested in and your company's express account number.

6)We also accept T/T in advance If you don't have any courier account.The following is our USD account information:
If you do not have any express account number, we will also accept your wire transfer. The following is our U.S. Dollar account information:

7)We will consult relevant courier company here and inform you how much postage you should pay to our USD account.
We will consult the relevant courier company and then inform you how much you will pay to our US Dollar account.

8)We regret that any inconvenience brought to you and thanks very much for your cooperation.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. At the same time thank you for your cooperation!

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