Limit cargo expansion micro-off passengers or usher in business opportunities

Micro- and light-off passengers are expected to use the opportunity of “limited goods” to usher in business opportunities.

Commercial Vehicles started unfavorable in the second half of the year, and sales in July dropped by 60% month-on-month. “While the auto market performed well in the first half of the year, the auto market in July was even worse than in the 2008 financial crisis,” said a minibus dealer in Foshan. It is understood that not only a micro-offer business, but also the sales of most commercial vehicles have experienced an abnormal phenomenon. Sales data from 4S stores, which are another main truck and light passenger car models, showed that sales in July fell by more than 60%, only 1/3 of the previous month. Reporters visited and found that the current strict approval of car loans and other factors directly affect the sales of commercial vehicles.

Despite the unfavorable situation in the second half of this year, with the expansion of Foshan's limited cargo range, it is expected that the “cargo limited” opportunity will break through and the business opportunities will be welcomed.

Current situation: Commercial vehicle sales in July decreased by 60% year-on-year. The reporter found that although sales of commercial vehicles in Foshan did not appear abnormal in the first half of this year, the sales of commercial vehicles including goods vehicles, light vehicles, and minivans all appeared in July. Very unusual phenomenon. A person in charge of a miniature commercial vehicle admits that sales in July were worse than those in the 2008 financial crisis.

Reporters visited and found that the vast majority of commercial vehicle sales fell 34% year-on-year. A merchant, which specializes in light passengers and trucks, frankly stated that compared with the previous month, sales in July decreased by more than 60% from the previous month, only 1/3 of the previous month. The operator of the commercial vehicle introduced that many business owners require the purchase of cars through car loans. However, the current tightening of monetary policy and the stricter examination and approval conditions restrict car loans to directly affect the buyers' desires.

Many merchants analyze that the demand for car loans is only a microcosm of the SMEs' cash flow dilemma. The current sluggish sales of commercial vehicles is a deeper reason. It is the current SMEs face enormous financial pressure.

"Limited goods" aggravated the wait-and-see attitude of commercial vehicle purchasers. From the beginning of July, Foshan spread the news of expanding goods restrictions. Many merchants frankly stated that the restriction of the shipment of goods was just like a blockbuster slamming into the commercial vehicle market, leading to an unusually cold start to the auto market in the second half of the year. "Most logistics companies and business owners have suspended the purchase of trucks, while buyers of mini-vehicles and light-vehicles have taken a wait-and-see attitude."

Opportunity: “Limiting goods” allows micro-guest light passengers to benefit the most from reporters learned that although cargo restrictions have directly hit the freight market, they may trigger a new wave of vehicle transfers. Jiangling Automobile’s Chen Haiqun of the Bell Market Department of the South China Sea said that reviewing the cargo restriction process three years ago has prompted more trucks (including pickup customers) to purchase city logistics vehicles.

It is reported that the scope of this limited cargo expansion affects many logistics companies and wholesale markets, and its impact is no less than three years ago. According to industry analysts, a large number of freight logistics companies and a number of specialized wholesale markets gather in the areas to the west of Wenhua North Road, north of Wenchang Road, east of Foshan Avenue, and south of Haiba Road. Limited goods within these areas are bound to require within the region. Convert large trucks to other loading tools. The reporter found that the Wenchangqiao fruit and vegetable wholesale market, Fuxi comprehensive wholesale market, for example, before relying more on 5 tons of truck transport. After the implementation of the new cargo restriction program, it can only be converted to other loading tools.

Industry analysts have analyzed that although some companies can enter via a passport, they are only an expedient measure. From a long-term perspective, more and more businesses are willing to choose "person goods" dual-use logistics vehicles. Among them, those that combine both human and cargo and can walk in the urban area for 24 hours, mini-buses (commonly known as bread) and light-duty buses will be the biggest beneficiaries.

Businesses: Non-restricted vehicles are expected to break through the reporter's visit and found that despite the dismal sales of minibuses and light buses in July, the number of car buyers who recently came to consult and understand prices, fuel consumption, and loading space has increased significantly. According to Pan Xiaoyan, Marketing Manager of Fudi 4S, Foshan Iveco, the number of customers who came to the store to consult Iveco proudly to meet the impact of both personal and cargo, non-restricted orders increased.

Dongfeng Xiaokang, general manager of Foshan Rui Sheng, said that despite the unfavorable situation in the second half of the year, the expansion of Foshan's limited cargo range can meet the dual-use car, and it is expected to break through with the “limit cargo” opportunity.

The reporter visited the owner of the truck and found that although the current traffic police department has opened access to the “pass”, it is difficult to obtain a green mark because it is necessary to provide a green sign for the truck pass. Therefore, the issuance of a permit is not an easy task. Things. In addition, with the electronic eye in the center of Changui, there is an additional supervision channel for trucks entering the city illegally. These factors all play a good role in promoting the sales of urban logistics vehicles. With the imminent implementation of the penalties, “mini-passengers” and “light buses” that can pass through the restricted area will welcome business opportunities.

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