China (Shenzhen) Real Estate Home E-commerce Summit Completes Successfully

On July 29th, 2011, the China (Shenzhen) real estate home e-commerce summit forum organized by SouFun and was held at Venice Holiday Inn, an overseas Chinese city in Shenzhen. This is also the real estate industry has entered the E-Commerce era, Shenzhen real estate industry explore new The development model and the top-level summit for the development of business plans. The real estate home e-commerce platform across the new housing, second-hand housing, and home-based industrial chain shines. At the same time, there are three major flagship stores, namely, the development company’s flagship store, the home building company’s flagship store, and the second-hand store’s flagship store. Leading new changes in the real estate industry. More than 200 industry elites in Shenzhen have embarked on the e-commerce development plan. Soufun e-commerce has led the new changes in China's real estate home industry! Ms. Xiaotao Xu, Vice President of SouFun Holdings, made an opening statement in person.

Over the past month, SouFun has held three real estate e-commerce forums in Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou, and has deeply felt the enthusiasm of industry professionals for e-commerce. Shenzhen's unique Internet environment is also China's first e-commerce demonstration city. In today's e-commerce summit forum, more than 200 elites from the Shenzhen real estate industry chain sat down and talked about the general trend of e-commerce development.

When Xu Xiaokai addressed the opening speech at the summit forum, real estate home e-commerce development will bring ultimate value to consumers in the industry chain, and their changes in consumer behavior are bound to bring about more profound changes in this industry. In 2011, coincided with the 12th anniversary of the establishment of SouFun. Talking about the strategic focus of SouFun this year, Xu Xiaoyan pointed out that this year, SouFun will regard “comprehensive e-commerce” as an important strategic plan and development plan for SouFun. She sincerely hopes that SouFun e-commerce development will bring more fresh power to this industry.

According to Gao Shenghan, Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association, Shenzhen is the first demonstration city for national e-commerce. In 2010, the amount of e-commerce transactions in Shenzhen exceeded 200 billion yuan. The Shenzhen municipal government even incorporated Internet e-commerce into the pillar industry in Shenzhen. With the continuous development of e-commerce, e-commerce continues to infiltrate traditional enterprises. Gao Shenghan believes that e-commerce in the future will be very bright.

Feng Nianwen, deputy director of the Electronic Commerce Supervision Department of Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, is confident in the future development of e-commerce and highly recognizes its transformative role in social development. He believes that e-commerce has subverted some laws of the traditional economy, so e-commerce cannot be missed. If you miss the e-commerce, you will never miss an industry, but an era. Just as in the industrial revolution of the year, we were by no means missing the industrial industry, but the era of industrial civilization. Feng Nianwen asserted that in the face of e-commerce, no one of us has chosen the direction of the space, only the time is getting tighter and faster.

SouFun general manager of Shenzhen New Home Yu Yangbin said that SouFun was previously an information platform and media platform, and 2011 was a year of full e-commerce. New homes, second-hand homes, and home three groups launched in full and radiated the greatest vitality. . You Yangbin exemplifies the fact that Soufuka's national membership has exceeded 5 million in May. Within 3 to 6 months, members have bought houses, renovations, and rental programs. Each member buys 1 million houses, and the transaction volume that can be driven is 5 trillion yuan. . This is a very amazing trading volume!

You Yangbin introduced the major new products of 2011 of New Home Group. The e-commerce of adding new houses has the following steps: The first step is to open an online flagship store. The second step is operations. One of the two products is a Soufun auction. One is the Soufun mission. Since the on-line visit in May, the turnover of the national Kuangpao group has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and many of them are cross-regional participation. This is achieved through the use of Soufun and Soufun. He called for more companies to join the Berserker Mission, establish flagship stores, and settle in e-commerce platforms.

Wei Zhijun, general manager of SouFun Shenzhen's second-hand house, introduced the effectiveness of the e-commerce platform to the participating guests. He believes that the one-stop solution for the brokerage industry has several major reliance: First, rely on SouFun 314 sites, 80 cities, Make cross-regional economy possible. Second, relying on SouFun's unique seven-level enterprise management system. Third, relying on SouFun's powerful free product platform. Fourth, rely on training institutions.

SouFun Shenzhen Home Furnishing Xu Qingqiu pointed out that SouFun home e-commerce has such a few new models, first, one-stop shopping guide. Second, localization services. Third, integrity protection. SouFun started from the purchase of the house and introduced it to everyone to provide decoration preparation and learning, purchase decoration, and community interaction. Provide a one-stop shopping guide for the entire owner. The one-stop shopping guide for home decoration, dual guarantees of integrity, and localized professional services have made SouFun's home e-commerce platform a success. Xu Qingqiu hopes that all of you will join hands to create a high-quality and efficient trading platform and help all Chinese owners create a wonderful home life.

At the site on the 29th, "China's Shenzhen Real Estate Home E-commerce Platform Unveiled and Shenzhen's First Real Estate E-commerce Flagship Store Launching Ceremony" was also held. SouFun leaders, as well as the first batch of corporate representatives stationed on our e-commerce platform, took their strengths to contribute to Shenzhen's first real estate home e-commerce platform.

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