South Korea's cosmetologist suffers a crisis of confidence Korean plastic surgery needs to be cautious

According to reports, there are more than 729 cosmetic surgery hospitals in South Korea and 1,242 specialist doctors. However, there are as many as 3,000 non-specialist doctors who have branded plastic surgery hospitals. Obviously such a chaotic market has greatly increased the risk of ordinary Chinese consumers going to South Korea.

Some people in the industry have stated clearly: “Korean people's acceptance of plastic surgery is relatively high, but it does not mean that the plastic industry in Korea is very normative, and the phenomenon of good and bad is still there. This not only requires the relevant state departments to strengthen management and guide consumers. Mainly depends on practitioners' self-regulation and sense of integrity.

In order to strengthen the management of short-term practice of foreign doctors in China, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients, and promote the exchange and development of Chinese and foreign medical technology, the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China issued the Provisional Management Measures for Short-term Medical Practice of Foreign Physicians in China in 1992. "Foreign physicians are prohibited from practicing medicine in various medical institutions at all levels in the city without registration approval in China." Foreign doctors must obtain a "Medical Permit for Foreign Doctors for Short-term Medical Practice" when they come to China to practice medicine. The main contents reviewed by the Ministry of Health include:

(1) Degree certificates of foreign doctors;

(2) Foreign medical license or medical certificate;

(c) the foreign physician's health certificate;

(4) The period of validity of registration of a foreign doctor for short-term practice in China shall not exceed one year.

At present, the practice of foreign physicians in China is increasing year by year. There are violations of the regulations of individual personnel during the period of foreign physicians practicing.

Some people in the industry give advice to consumers in the United States: “As far as possible, choosing a familiar environment for plastic surgery is beneficial for postoperative recovery and postoperative review. Before deciding on plastic surgery, it may be necessary to improve the overall understanding of the industry first, not blindly. To promote transnational plastic surgery, before plastic surgery, you must do your homework in advance to understand the level of plastic surgery hospitals in the industry, understand the qualifications of the attending doctors, select the items that you really need to do, and understand the risks of surgery and precautions after surgery. There is a good sense of self-protection beforehand in order to achieve as good results as possible."

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