Take a walk in the old town and experience the great changes in Dubai

A few days back from Dubai, about the luxury there, about the old town, everything about the road, some broken memories, some fragments, some feelings, some impressions, just...

A few days back from Dubai, about the luxury there, about the old town, everything about the road, some broken memories, some fragments, some feelings, some impressions, just like movie montages, played back in my mind come out.

The significance of travel is that it allows me to escape from the self-enclosed castle and let me feel the different life and customs of people in the world. So when my husband said that he was going to Dubai, I did not hesitate to follow the road. Because it is to go to Dubai, the travel agency of course chooses to travel enough to travel. It is a very responsible travel agency, and it is also owned by the Ocean International Travel Service. It is designed to play in Dubai. In the old saying, it is "good in the middle." This is especially true. Follow the tour for a few days in Dubai, enjoy the fun, and stay comfortable.

When I first arrived in Dubai, I was stunned by the luxury of this city. The sailing hotel, the tallest tower in the world, the largest musical fountain, and the shopping paradise...took my judgment on it to a direction of “the land of drunkenness”. My husband and I have seen some of the silhouettes of Bedouin in the desert on the screen. We believe that Dubai, a small fishing village that used to focus on pearls and fishing, always has some traces of old Arabs, and it is worth to feel. Perhaps, after seeing the old town, I can better appreciate the luxury of Dubai today. So, on the third day in Dubai, my husband and I started hiking in the old town of Dubai.

Start with the Dubai Museum. They all said that they came to Dubai and went to the Dubai Museum to get a comprehensive understanding of the history of the Arabs and their ancestors Bedouin and Dubai. The museum is located in Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1799 and is the oldest building in Dubai. In addition to displaying many of the old Arab instruments, daily necessities and labor tools, the Dubai Museum used simulated scenes and projections to restore the past scenes and ethnic customs of the Arabs, and even created an underwater world. Past nautical life and pearl collection activities have been completely reproduced. I seem to see the old Dubai, the yellow sand rolling, sparsely populated, the Arab nation living hard in the desert...



From the Dubai Museum, a few steps away from the Bastakiya Folk Village in the old residential area of ​​Bur Dubai. Bastakiya used to be a place where the Persian merchants lived, where you can see the most traditional Arab-style buildings and old streets. The building here is made up of stone columns, domes and delicate openwork stone windows in Arabic patterns. The buildings in Bastakiya mainly use white coral stones collected in the bay, which can well block the hot temperatures in the desert, because there was no air conditioning at that time. Under the temperature of more than forty degrees, think about how difficult it is to have no air conditioning...


From Bastakiya all the way north, we enter a former old market area that still exists. Known as the "market", there are usually buildings that are the same color as the desert and the streets that are covered by wooden roofs. We entered this old Arab market, which is still a large wholesale and retail market, and it feels like it brought us back to Dubai's past.

From the old city of Dubai to the modern new city, I feel the great changes that Dubai has made in less than 50 years. In the old days of Dubai, the yellow sands rolled, the camel bells, and rare pedestrians, but today, the tall buildings are like torches, and the crowds are soaring. Dubai’s current chief, Muhammad, once wrote to his citizens such encouragement: “There is no limit to dreams and keep going forward.” I don’t know if such a broad vision is cultivated, or a long-lasting desert life is injected into every Bedouin. The human bones are in the blood, but this spirit has actually created a miracle in the desert of Dubai.

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