Do not know the five national minority weddings

To know how hard it is to get married, take a look at the weddings of the following five minorities. After reading it, you will understand why there are so many singles in China, and there are so many dating programs.

Buyi girl

The Buyi people wore a "pseudo-valley" as their wife

According to the old Buyi people in Zhenning, Guizhou Province, when their children were still strapped, their parents had talked about marriage. Parents passed the “dating” and engagement ceremony and waited until the children were five or six years old to hold a wedding ceremony. No matter how serious the matter was, the bride and groom returned to their parents’ families to continue their happy childhood. .

"Pseudo-valley (also known as false shell)" is a kind of headdress made of bamboo shoot shells and wrapped with batik cloth. Because the girls are reluctant to live freely, most of them are reluctant to bring “fake valleys”. Therefore, in the season of “wearing fake valleys”, Buyi villages see from time to time that “married” girls are forced to wear “pseudo-valley” as a “sneak attack”. . In August or September each year, or in April of the following year, two of the men’s mothers, fathers, or relatives carry a chicken and a “false shell” cap and slip into the bride’s house to hide. The bride was not prepared. She suddenly took the bride and forced her to dispel her hair. She wore "false shells". If she hadn't unlocked her hair, she would wear them again. After the bride was put on “false shell”, she would not be able to stand behind her at home for two or three days and would cry aloud, called “cry shell”. The fact that the bride is put on “false shell” means that at the end of her family's life, she goes to her husband’s family to live in a usual sense.

Yi clothing

Steal water and wrestle the tribe to get married

If your bride comes from the following ethnic groups, you will find out how pale the wealth of houses and cars is. If you want to get married, you must have a strong body, wrestle, sing, get a kiss, resist snoring, and adapt... In addition, you have to have a strong welcome team and do it well in advance. Fully psychological construction, because maybe you have to enter the woman's home and be picked up by the girl!

The Dai people believe that the Qingshui can drive evil away evil spirits, send away demons and bring happiness. Therefore, the Yi must splash water when they are newly married. In order to withstand this test, when they are greeted, the males must send unmarried young men to pick up their relatives. They must be physically strong and capable and smart, capable of bothering the cold and flooding. The arduous task of “robbing” the bride can be completed, and it is often the case that the candidates are repeatedly considered and recommended for selection, and some choose to take long distances and choose talents.

In some places, the kinship is done through “grab” methods. On the first night of “robbing”, the girls would start a violent water battle with the young man. So, the wise young man found the place where the water had stayed before dark, and quietly dumped part of it to relieve the “flood” attack.

Ami girl

The Ami preliminarily measured physical fitness

The cultural characteristics of the Ami people in Taiwan are matriarchal society. A man enters a woman's family and her daughter inherits his family property. When men reach the age of 13, they are sent to a youth club for training. After a physical test every three years, they are promoted to a higher level of the age class. When he was 22 years old, he moved to a youth club to be married. He was also a warrior who defended the tribe. If an adult man is divorced by his wife, he can only return to the youth club to wait for a second chance to get married.

Bai girl

After the Bai people married, they had "sexual freedom" holidays.

The Bai nationality is an ancient nation with its own splendid culture. It is also highly civilized and civilized in love, marriage, and family issues. Although people with extramarital affairs will be severely punished by the death of Jiang Duo, if there is a problem with marriage, every year there will be a chance to “turn the mountain” to find true love.

The Bai nationality stipulates that each family member should be given three days at a certain time each year. Any member of a family who has problems with marriage can find a lover in the past to visit each other in a quiet place in the surrounding mountains. I can leave me and I can even live together to vent my feelings for the year. Others have no right to interfere. After three days, they must return to their families.

Dai girls

The Yi people will come home again

In the Dai, males are married. The boys are married when they reach a certain age, and the girls go home when they reach a certain age.

In the traditional consciousness of the Qiang people, men need to be a family for some time before they can be regarded as culturally superior. The mortuary (ie, the temple) is only their temporary school. There must be big trees near the mortuary and under the big trees. There is no lack of beautiful and charming family hometown Pu Shao (girl): She is a small monk can be string whistle (love)!

In the Yi ethnic minority, young boys and girls started to fall in love since they were very young. This has led to the customs of “little monks who fall in love”. In the streets of townships and towns, you often see small boys dressed in monk costumes, riding bicycles, and Dai girls walking behind the street with flowery jade. This is the story of a youthful love of alcohol. It has become a beautiful landscape with the deep national customs and in the mountains of the family's houses at the depths of the mountains.

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