Popular Weibo turned into an advertising position and you forward it again to earn more

"Look at my stovepipe results! One thigh was fine for two centimeters a week. They were all credits for the stovepipe socks. I heard that the stars are wearing..." Seeing these words, Weibo users will find it familiar, recently, A lot of popular Weibo posts are recommending the content of stovepipe socks, and the attached link is an online shop address for selling stovepipe socks.

On the open microblogging platform where everyone is a media, a series of popular microblogs that you are concerned about may be behind the same company, and each time you forward, you may be making money for others.

One click to receive 3 cents microblogging advertising value "for the first time see stovepipe socks, thought it was bloggers to share their own experience." Sina microblogging users "Shen Xiaos" said. However, she quickly discovered that many popular microblogs she was concerned with were forwarding the same content. Sometimes the same information appeared in two or three minutes. Although the information displayed on these microblogs is completely different, she clearly felt that these microblogs were "a group of people."

With the theme of trend, food, street shooting, jokes, constellations, and other high-profile topics, after a long period of cultivation of one year and six months, after reaching a certain number of fans, it is finally possible to start advertising. This is Weibo. The marketing industry is known as "Yanhao." "Entrepreneur" magazine previously reported on this, said the top 50 of the SINA grassroots microblogging list behind the three main factions, including Beijing Huayi Baichuang Media Technology Co., Ltd. has at least 15.

A variety of microblogging forwarding and promotion quotations from online PR companies show that from ordinary users to celebrities, it is worthwhile to help merchants forward microblogging. On the website of a microblogging marketing company, it can be seen that the retransmission of stovepipe socks is the most popular task in the mission area. As long as microblog users are registered as members of the website, they can then receive tasks through their own accounts, and they can obtain corresponding results. The rewards.

"The first account recharge, receive 20% fee." In the reporter's consultation in the name of online shop promotion, the microblogging marketing company's staff said that recharge 1000 yuan, after deducting 200 yuan fee can also be done What is it? You can earn more than 2,000 hits for your online shop. For example, if you sell food, you can use the microblogging of food-related themes to help you forward the charge. The charge is calculated based on the amount of traffic that Weibo forwards after being forwarded. Effectively receive 3 cents."

"You can also choose the Weibo Reds, according to the amount of fans, charge 100 yuan, 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan have." The staff member said.

Microblogging advertising value of geometry "a three cents is not expensive." Main iPad leather case and other digital products store owner Yang said that he has done some traditional web promotion advertising, traffic and actual transaction ratio from 1 From /10 to 1/40, according to the price of Weibo advertisements, a ratio of 1/50 would have a reasonable profit. In other words, 1000 clicks can have 20 actual transactions, and you need to pay 300 yuan for this. He saw that a Weibo ad was effective and could be forwarded or reviewed more than 1,000 times, but he felt that the actual transaction rate might not be ideal.

However, more and more intensive microblogging advertisements have also caused ordinary users to begin to have a conflict. "For example, the advertisement of the merchant was transferred, and the content of the constellation was the content of the comment. If I forwarded the content of the constellation, it would be equivalent to making money for him." "Shen Xiaos" said that for this reason she cancelled a lot of attention because there was a kind of " The feeling of being used.

For this type of marketing, Kaifu, chief executive of Innovation Factory, expressed on Weibo that such marketing only considers quantity, does not consider quality and pertinence, and advertising costs are likely to frustrate.

Some once-very successful microblog marketing cases also showed “destructive power”, such as hotpot chain “sea fishing”. Weibo all over the country once appeared in the sea fishing service to enjoy the super service content, illustrated, so that it developed to shout out The slogan "Human being unable to stop the sea fishing," but tracing the source will find that the first to forward related content includes the "global" and other "global" series of Weibo, "Food Shanghai Station" and other food series Weibo. Behind them are signs of conscious planning and marketing. Nowadays, sea fishing is frequently exposed by negative news. The once successful marketing slogan has also become a satire for netizens.

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