Let the old customers turn over their orders

In international trade, clerk usually pays great attention to how to take orders, but often neglects to follow the order. How to keep up with the list, make quality work, and strive to prepare for the next order, this is a very important part of the entire business process.

First, the sample confirmation process:

After the order is placed, it must be confirmed by the customer. In the confirmation of the guests, it is best to give a few more samples to the guests. After watching the guests, they call the guests to sign and return the samples with a pencil. In this way, you can confirm the sample production according to the signature of the guests at the time of production. At the time of inspection, the customer takes out the sample confirmation sample and inspects the sample according to the sample, so that the customer can rest assured that the supplier can also be assured.

Second, in the process of documentary:

It is necessary to inform the guests of the daily production progress and send the production pictures to the guests. After the guests read it, they will feel at ease. After all, they know where their products are now produced. If you can't report every day, at least do it once a week. If you have problems, you also need to promptly notify customers and strive for solutions.

Third, in the production process:

Every day, we must go to the workshop several times to inspect the finished products produced in the workshop. We must communicate with the first line of production if there are products that are not well done. We must communicate with the production line in a timely manner to minimize the rate of defective products and ensure the quality of products. Quality, there are problems that need to be improved in the production line, and communicate with the guests in time. If you can't really do the effect of the guests, you need to communicate with the guests. If the guests agree, let the customer send an e-mail to confirm. There is a certificate when checking.

As long as the above three tasks are completed, the guests’ turn-up rate will be basically the same.

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