New Zealand dollar/U.S. dollar 0.77 is supported, breaking 0.7720/25 will hit new heights

On Friday (October 7th) in the European market, the NZD/USD fell slightly, and the exchange rate was temporarily supported above 0.77. Currently fluctuating around 0.7720.

Mike Hollows, head of trading at HIFX, said on Friday (October 7th) that the current non-farm payrolls in the United States have attracted much attention, and that the NZD/USD will continue to be tested after breaking the resistance at 0.7720/25. Push up.

He pointed out that the NZD/USD needs to close above 0.7725 to prove that the upside of the exchange rate is not just a short-term push for the short-selling market.

Harrose added that the upswing in the stock market and the surge in commodity prices will support the strength of the New Zealand dollar/dollar, but New Zealand trading hours did not see a significant rise in the New Zealand dollar/dollar.

Harrods expects the NZD/USD short-term support at 0.7690 and resistance at 0.7780.

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