Golden Week's Tourists Break First Million Million Tourist Revenue Increased by 44.33%

Visitors of the Golden Week broke through for the first time. Tourism revenue increased by 44.33% (Reporter Wang Fei, Quan Jie, Yang Jin, Correspondent A Office, Yeh Chuan, Yang Haoyu) This year's National Day Golden Week, Guangzhou received a lot of money, according to data released by the Holiday Office yesterday, during the National Day Golden Week, Guangzhou received a total of 10.97 million tourists. This is the first time that visitors to Guangzhou have broken through 10 million trips. The total tourism revenue reached 7.072 billion yuan, an increase of 44.33% over the same period of last year.

Travel: According to statistics, during the National Day holiday, 20 major travel agencies in Guangzhou received a total of 37.90 million domestic and foreign tourists, which was a year-on-year increase of 3.74%. Among tourism products organized by travel agencies, there was a certain increase in day-to-day receptions, group travel abroad, and outbound tourism. Among them, there were 29,400 person-time visits, a year-on-year increase of 11.11%. In the group tour, the total number of team members traveling overseas was 15,200, an increase of 29.02% year-on-year, a staggering increase. The group traveled 40,700 person-times, an increase of 12.37% year-on-year.

Catering: Retail sales increased by 11.5% year-on-year

During the National Day Golden Week this year, the city's major retail and catering businesses have used the Golden Week holiday, which has launched a series of preferential promotions for the general public and tourists. The concentrated consumption trend of the public tourists is obvious. Among them, the consumption growth of the catering industry is obvious, but the retail business is operating. Income fell slightly year-on-year during the National Day Golden Week this year.

Statistics from fixed-point observations of the retail catering industry in the Golden Week of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Statistics show that 15 catering companies (groups) have realized an operating income of 121 million yuan, an increase of 11.50% year-on-year. Among them, Sanyuan McDonald's has achieved the highest turnover for catering companies, and the larger increase for the restaurant is Guangzhou Restaurant.

Civil Aviation: A total of 459,300 passengers traveled statistics show that in the National Day flight for 7 days, a total of 3,312 flights were issued, 459,300 passengers were transported, 3,309 flights arrived, and 439,100 visitors arrived; 2507 bus trips were sent by the railway and 174.47 passengers were transported. Ten thousand passengers trips; 105 more trips; 2543 bus trips and 6,15,200 passenger trips; and 806,365 bus trips in the city's public transport buses, with a total of 4,505,160 passenger trips, and 138,777 bus trips outside the municipal bus routes. A total of 3,132,800 passengers were transported.

During the National Day Golden Week from September 30 to October 6, the total passenger volume of the Guangzhou Metro reached 37,526,096 passengers. The average daily passenger transport was nearly 5.4 million passengers, and the train redemption rate and on-time rate were both 100%.

Park Scenic Area: Ushering in the “blowout” passenger flow and cool weather coupled with a variety of programs, so that the city's suburbs of the major parks and scenic areas are popular with the public, the number of visitors to the park climbed. The reporter obtained the latest data. As of 5pm yesterday, the city’s major parks received more than 3.1 million visitors, and passenger traffic surged more than 50% over the weekend.

There are more than 880,000 people in Baiyun Mountain, 460,000 in Yuexiu Park, 280,000 in Guangzhou Zoo, 10,000 in Liuhua Lake Park, 100,000 in Sunflower Garden, 50,000 in South China Botanical Garden, and 50,000 in the Liuxihe National Forest Park. . The person in charge of the park stated that due to the free opening of the park and the introduction of discounts and discounts from the scenic area, the enthusiasm enjoyed by the citizens in the park was high.

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