China Southern Airlines retrieved the bride A380 and started Chinese life

China's first A380 started its commercial operation price on the Jingshen Shanghai route. It is basically the same as the other flights of China Southern Airlines Beijing-Guangzhou route.


China Southern Airlines A380 sailing: profit is not easy, other companies wait and see

China’s first A380 starts its commercial operation price on the Jingshen Shanghai route. It is consistent with other flights of China Southern Airlines Beijing-Guangzhou route. The first class ticket is basically sold out.

The first Airbus A380 domestic route show flight

â–  From October 17th to October 26th, the Beijing-Guangzhou-Beijing route will be launched.

The departure flight number is CZ3000, Beijing (Capital Airport) departure time is 10 hours, and the arrival time is 13:15.

The return flight number is CZ3999, Guangzhou (Baiyun Airport) takes off at 16 o'clock and the arrival time is 19:15.

â–  From October 27th to October 29th, the Beijing-Shanghai-Beijing route will be launched.

The departure flight number is CZ6000, Beijing (Capital Airport) departure time is 10 hours, and the arrival time is 12:15.

The return flight number is CZ6999, Shanghai (Pudong Airport) takes off at 15 o'clock, and the arrival time is 17:25. The first Airbus A380 domestic route shows flight.

Note: On October 17th, the Beijing-Guangzhou route is a guest experience flight, and the flight is not sold out.

At 10 o'clock on the 17th, the A380 passenger plane numbered CZ3000 took off from the Capital Airport. The "Bride" that China Southern Airlines returned from Toulouse, France, was the first Chinese A380 aircraft to officially start its China. "life".

From the 17th, China Southern Airlines A380 began to experience flights in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Yesterday's flight was not sold out. It was hosted by guests and media representatives from China Southern Airlines. From today, the A380 was officially put into commercial operation. Buying tickets to board the first A380 aircraft in China. According to the plan, the passenger aircraft plans to implement the Beijing-Guangzhou round-trip route from October 17th to 26th; the Beijing-Shanghai Pudong round-trip route is planned to be carried out from October 27th to 29th.

In the early stage, only the Beijing-Shenzhen route

Currently, there are seven airlines operating Airbus A380 aircraft worldwide: Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Korean Air and China Southern Airlines. China Southern Airlines owns five A380s and is the only airline in China with an A380.

Si Xianmin, chairman of China Southern Airlines, once said that considering the maintenance and security issues, the first Airbus A380 will temporarily operate on the gold routes of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. "After the second Airbus A380 in December and the third Airbus A380 in January next year, we will consider investing this giant in the European and American routes."

First class sales far exceed economy class

This kind of super-large model that is currently only ordered by a domestic airline can obtain the desired income, which is the focus of the civil aviation industry and passengers.

The sailing sales of the A380 flight was very hot, and it innovated many historical records of China Southern Airlines flights: the fastest flight sales, the largest number of single-sales sales, and the first-class and business class sales far exceeded the economy class. For example, on the 18th, the passenger-occupation rate of Beijing-Guangzhou flights exceeded 90%, the passenger-occupancy rate of Guangzhou-Beijing flights reached 100%, and 116 luxury first class and 140 first-class seats for round-trip flights were sold out. The sales situation is far ahead of the 21 flights on this route, which is 40% higher than the average passenger load factor. On 27-29, the flight from Beijing to Shanghai Pudong, the luxury first class seats have all been sold out. The rest of the A380 flights also showed a strong sales trend, the luxury first class basically sold out, there are still some first class seats remaining, the economy class passenger load rate is also more than 50%. In terms of price, the flight of A380 is consistent with other flights of China Southern Airlines and Beijing-Guangzhou.

China Southern Airlines official website shows that from October 18th to October 26th Beijing-Guangzhou round-trip flight first class 4760 yuan, first class full price ticket 3910 yuan, economy class full price 1700 yuan. From October 27th to 29th, the Beijing-Shanghai round-trip flight first class 3160 yuan (sold out), first class full price of 2830 yuan, economy class full price 1130 yuan. It is reported that all the above fares do not include taxes.

A380 should not participate in price war

"At the moment, most A380 passengers are only early adopters. After the international flight, it will usher in a real challenge." A civil aviation industry insider said that whether China Southern Airlines can stand out in the fierce international civil aviation competition is still unknown. The person analyzed that according to China Southern Airlines' expectations, the Paris route will be the preferred international operating route for the A380. But now, Lufthansa and the United Arab Emirates have used the A380 to firmly control the Paris route. It is not easy for China Southern to stand out from the crowd.

According to a statistical report of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, in the first seven months of this year, the growth rate of passenger traffic on international routes of foreign airlines is slightly higher than that of AVIC. The share of passenger traffic of China Airlines and foreign airlines on international routes is about 4:6. . In other words, China's airlines are not dominant in the international market, and this may be the reason why more domestic airlines have not chosen to order the A380. "With such a large model, the cost of own operation, maintenance and protection of the aircraft is much higher than other models. Once the attendance rate is not good, the company will inevitably face multiple losses." A state-owned airline marketing that does not want to be named The ministry said frankly that it would not rush to introduce the A380 at a stage where there is not much confidence in the international route.

In fact, while China Southern Airlines ordered the A380, Air China, Hainan and other companies quietly chose more than 200 Boeing B787 medium-sized passenger aircraft. The reason is that the route design and ground support requirements of such aircraft are relatively easy, and the operational pressure on airlines is relatively small.

"The profitability is mainly due to the airline's operating strategy and capabilities." The civil aviation industry insider said that the airline's operational efficiency, management capabilities, synergy, and value chain matching will have an impact on the profitability of the A380. The "price war" that domestic airlines make good use obviously does not apply to this. The main groups served by A380 are high-end, business and passengers who are of high quality. This should also be the stability that China Southern needs to attract through various means. Sexual customers.

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