Chengdu version of pine purchase order was stopped

According to media reports, the Chengdu Housing Authority recently convened a number of local developers to announce that the government is prepared to verify the qualifications of buyers only when the real estate license is registered. In the original online contract signing, the qualification review of the buyers was transferred to the developers and real estate agents for implementation. This was interpreted by the outside world as "restricted purchases." However, it was confirmed that the New Deal ceased execution about a week after it was implemented. On November 21, the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Housing Authority stated that Chengdu will continue to implement the housing restriction policy.

·Roundabout Economic Belt Summit ·Five Concentric Projects Award-winning Essay ·Energy Saving ·My Action Low-carbon New Life ·The Fourth Chongqing Reading Month Activity ·2011 Morning Summer Festival ·Ecological Treasures Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts Regarding this, most netizens stated that In the implementation of the purchase restriction policy, individual local governments cannot hold up. Some netizens also analyzed the reason behind the disguised loosening from the perspective of local government land finance. More netizens called for the government’s control policies to hold live in the context of the current regulation of the property market into the depth of the game.

Loose prices are just illusions. Some netizens said that in the issue of disguised restriction, first Foshan, and then Chengdu, the impulse of individual local government to loosen purchase restrictions ended with “being stopped”, which undoubtedly explained the central government’s control over the property market. The attitude is resolute, and any looseness in a small area is only an illusion.

The micro-blog signed by “Chen Keyi” stated that “Chengdu had previously stated that it only verified the qualifications of buyers at the time of registration of real estate licenses, and actually acquiesced to those who were restricted from buying homes and could purchase homes first. This disguised looseness was stopped on the 21st. All the illusions were loosened. From Dalian to Haikou and from Foshan to Chengdu, they all walked away gently, just as gently."

The micro-blog signed by “Yang Yinhe” also analyzed that “Chengdu’s loosening purchase restriction order was suspended for one week. It seems that (the government) does not regulate or control one or two or three years and will not stop.”

The microblogging of the signature “Tropical Penguin XJ” also said, “Chengdu was loosened and the property purchase restriction was halted one week later, indicating that the regulation and control policies will continue and it will be difficult to relax in the short term.”

However, there are also a few Internet users who believe that the loosening of policies will soon come. Weibo, signed by Wei Jia Cheng Yanrui, said that “the real estate control policy will be loose next year. On the one hand, policy adjustments on bank credits have a greater chance; on the other hand, There are too many real estate related industries. If the government thinks the economic influence is too large, it will also consider loosening the policy."

The impulsiveness of land finance has caused some netizens to believe that the reason behind this disguised loosening is land finance. Sina netizens who signed the "jsdtxxh" said that "if the developers hold up, they will have to go a long way. Therefore, some officials will not be able to hold down, and they will loosen the purchase restriction order."

Internet users who signed the “sm ith_369” analysis said that land finance is one of the main drivers of rising house prices in China. If the house cannot be sold, the land finances will be reduced, and the local government will have a hard time. The netizens who signed the "518 Pour Out Network" also said that "there are fewer transactions in the houses, the land cannot be sold, and the income of the grass-roots government has decreased. We must try to loosen the central government's control policy."

The microblogging of the “Asked Stream” analysis said that “the loosening of the property market in Chengdu has been suspended for a week and the real estate companies are the driving force behind this policy. Developers such as Confidence, Vanke, and China Resources are all involved. Real estate control policies have been repeated since the introduction of the policy in 2003. The public once called for tightening. Developers shouted and relaxed, and house prices became more controlled. The same is true for other industries. When will the government not be abducted?”

Restriction policy must be held live Although a small number of current Internet users find various reasons to believe that the purchase policy should be loose, but most netizens believe that the current market regulation has entered the depth of the game of interest of all parties, it should firmly support the central control policy, and appeal The policy must hold live.

The micro-blog signed by “Lin Changgui” stated that “the depth of the winter game in the property market is a game in which the developer’s capital chain is under heavy pressure and the price trend of housing is facing key nodes.”

The micro-blog signed by “Jia Wolong” said, “At the end of the year, developers are in a hurry. Local governments are even more eager to become ants on hot pans. Various policies (impulse) of disguised loosening are emerging, and local governments are on how to circumvent the restrictions. This was very interesting and happy. Recently, the implementation of the Chengdu version of the purchase order was suspended for a week. In fact, the local government should understand that the loosening policy is really outdated, it is best not to do it. ".

According to the analysis of the blog signed by “Non-fish”, it seems that neither the change in Foshan nor the week's tour in Chengdu illustrates the central government’s determination to regulate real estate, as the news says is “political. risk".

The micro-blog signed by Yang Shen Dao also said that the data shows that so far only the speed of rising house prices has been curbed. Real estate regulation will continue to hold live!

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